What Makes Architect Ply the Talk of The Town

Architect Ply

Your home talks about your personality. Every part of your home reflects your status. Hence, it is equally essential to give importance to your floor. You would want to choose plywood that has premium quality and a luxurious visual appeal.

On top of it, your plywood should have to have a security feature to make your home a safe environment for you and your family. And when it comes to delivering all these qualities, who is better than Century Ply’s Architect plywood?

Architect plywood

Architect Ply is the finest brand of Century Ply plywood. The wood used to manufacture the plywood is hardwood, infused with state-of-the-art GLP technology, which is 100% effective in the prevention of borer and termite infestation. It uses undiluted phenol-formaldehyde as an adhesive to adhere its ply and provide boiling waterproof characteristics.

Boiling waterproof (BWP), also known as marine ply, is unmatched for its durability, resiliency, and waterproofing. It has a far greater capacity to hold nails and is denser. Additionally, bedrooms make considerable use of this plywood. They ought to be applied to every item of furniture, even bathrooms, ideally.

The product is meticulously made to make sure that the sheets have no pores. Additionally, the best possible adhesive was employed to adhere to the ply. CenturyPly is the best plywood maker as they guarantee that every other plywood is fastened firmly leaving no gaps between them. It becomes denser and stronger after this process. The only drawback is the added weight caused by the coating and reinforcements.

CenturyPly is the biggest plywood manufacturer.It has the latest technologies that make its product the best in every price range. With their technology, they are able to manufacture plywood effectively and efficiently. Due to this, CenturyPly can offer premium brand Architect Ply, at the most affordable price. Along with competitive prices, Architect Ply has embedded additional safety features in its product.

Essential safety features of Architect Ply

  • Virokill technology

The Architect Plywood is infused with virokill technology. As its name implies, it destroys 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and any other germs that come into contact with the outer layer of plywood or laminates. The germs are destroyed, leaving no residues behind, thanks to the nanoparticles’ tiny activation and penetration of the protective membrane of these bacteria.

When a bacterium comes into contact with the nanoparticle, it gets destroyed. The Architect plywood has essentially solved the issue of regularly disinfecting the surface of the furniture by presenting the technology to the user.

  • Firewall technology

It is India’s most trusted fire-retardant plywood sheet. It has the best fire-fighting properties. The firewall technology gives the wood a higher ignition temperature than regular wood. This significantly reduces the risk of your furniture catching fire. Even if your furniture does catch fire the firewall will prevent the rapid spread of fire due to its low thermal conductivity.

The chemical composition of the technology prevents pure combustion of the wood, which means that less smoke will get emitted in case of fire. It does not make your furniture completely fireproof but will give people enough time to react and stop the fire.

Key takeaway points

Although you might not ever go to need it, still, the plywood sheets come with a lifetime guarantee. In case of any accident, the company promises 4 times refund of money. The product is the solution to every condition, it can withstand water corrosion and above-average heat.It protects you from threats of bacterial, fungal, and viral infection with its revolutionary virokill technology.

Apart from microbes that are invisible to the naked eye, it also protects the furniture from termites and borers. With all the superior properties, Architect plywood becomes the most dependable, secure, and robust.

A variety of products from Century Ply are suitable for use in both the home and the workplace. The business makes sure that the newest technology is incorporated into its products, and it is constantly looking to develop the best item on the market. Century Ply is the one-stop solution for all your interior and exterior furniture plywood needs.

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