How to Spot an Inexperienced Eyelash Technician

How to Spot an Inexperienced Eyelash Technician

ratings, this does not ensure that you will receive what you desire. On top of ensuring they have proper certification or have undergone a quality eyelash extension course in Singapore, here are some red flags you should look out for in a stylist.

Your eyelash stylist moves too quickly.

If a technician applies the eyelash extensions, it should take at least 90 minutes; if the technician is somewhat inexperienced, it may take up to 120 minutes. If you see that your eyelash specialist works rapidly, you can infer that they are doing so to draw in more clients and increase their income, resulting in lower-quality lashes.

It hurts when you brush your eyelash extensions.

The procedure was improper if you cannot effectively brush your eyelash extensions. The isolation of your lashes during the application may have been unsatisfactory since the technician may have used too much glue. Keep track of how many tweezers the technician use while working. A skilled technician will always use two pairs of tweezers: the first pair is used to separate the eyelashes, and the second pair is used for fine work.

Your eyes burn throughout the application procedure.

A skilled eyelash artist will ensure your eyes are closed entirely during the procedure. Your eyelash stylist hasn’t taken the required safety steps to prevent chemical fumes from contacting your eyes if you experience burning in the eyes both before and after the treatment.

Instead of utilising a special mirror, they could raise your eyelid to access a difficult-to-reach area, which causes fumes to harm your eyes. Keep in mind that, if done correctly, adding eyelash extensions is a delicate, painless operation.

The glue is visible.

At no point should the lash line be in touch with lash extensions. There shouldn’t be any adhesive residue where the extensions are attached to the native eyelash.

Unpleasant outcomes might result from using excessive glue. For instance, this can result in early hair loss or slower development of natural eyelashes. Choose a different eyelash technician if your current one doesn’t consider these considerations.

The skin on your eyelids is irritated.

Two things can cause swelling, redness, and itching. The first is using the wrong application method. The distance between the eyelash extensions and the skin should be roughly 1 millimetre. They could irritate the eyelids’ skin if positioned too close to the natural lash line.

Second, formaldehyde-containing glue might trigger allergic responses. For this reason, before applying the adhesive, ask your tech what the components are.

Because an eyelash specialist blends lashes of various lengths to make them seem as natural as possible, eyelash extensions vary from artificial lash strips. As such, the procedure was done incorrectly if your extensions are all the same length from the inner to the outer eye.

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