The Benefits of Postnatal Massages

The Benefits of Postnatal Massages

Pain, agony, stiffness, and stress do not miraculously disappear after childbirth. Here is where postpartum massages come into play.

In simpler terms, a post-maternity massage is a massage received after giving birth. This massage is intended, among other things, to provide both emotional and physical relief to new moms.

Here are some examples of the many types of postnatal massages a mother might receive.

Postnatal massage types

Jamu postnatal massage

Jamu postnatal massage was developed in Southeast Asia and derived its name from the herbal preparation known as “jamu”, which is used during the massage. This combination contains only natural substances with particular healing effects, making it ideal for moms who have recently given birth. The massage also incorporates head and breast massages, which are believed to alleviate headaches and enhance breastfeeding. In addition, the massage includes a Jamu wrap in which the mother’s abdomen is tied with fabric from the ribs to the hips to tone the abdominal skin and straighten the spine.

Swedish massage

Swedish massages are particularly beneficial for new moms. This style of massage utilises lengthy strokes and kneading to tone the muscles and relieve tension. The vigorous strokes of this postnatal massage promote blood circulation and muscular contraction, which aids in the elimination of toxins.

TCM postnatal massage

The TCM massage represents Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this post-pregnancy massage, acupoint methods and herbs are utilised to increase blood circulation and reduce muscular tightness. The treatment includes a herbal bath, massage, abdominal bands, and nutritional counselling. The uterus and the spine are also relocated.

Ayurvedic postnatal massage

This traditional Indian practice includes massage therapy, yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. This full-body massage incorporates the wrapping of the abdomen, which helps maintain skin hydration and increases blood flow, resulting in cell regeneration, pain reduction, and stress release.

What are the benefits of postnatal massage?

In addition to physical benefits such as pain alleviation, muscle relaxation, joint relief, and the flushing of toxins, postnatal massage offers several other advantages. These consist of the following:

Quicker recovery after caesarean delivery

When a cut or wound occurs, blood clots develop to avoid additional blood loss. When this happens, the other blood veins carry healing-promoting nutrients and oxygen. These massages promote blood circulation, and the more nutrients and oxygen are provided to the wound, the more quickly it will recover.

Improved mental health

It is not surprising that childbirth has a negative effect on mental health. Ultimately, pregnancy produces hormonal imbalance and a rise in cortisol levels. These massages aid in the relaxation and unwinding of new moms, decreasing cortisol levels and increasing mental wellness.

Most postnatal massages include a breast massage to augment milk production. This causes the release of oxytocin, which relaxes the mother, allowing her ducts to open and become less clogged, so improving milk flow and production.

These are just a few benefits of postnatal massage for a new mother. Choose from the available options and reserve one immediately to recover from the strain of delivery.

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