How to make emotional wedding best man speeches?

wedding best man speeches

A wedding witness should show how trustworthy they are and value their role by delivering a well-prepared, structured and flowing speech. Speaking in front of an audience isn’t easy, especially if you’re not used to it. Yet you have been chosen as a witness for the wedding. So you can’t escape the famous speech. In order to help you, we give you advice for a moving speech, but also an example that could inspire you.

Our advice for a moving wedding witness speech

In general, a witness speech should contain three parts.

An introduction  : first, you must make your presentation by specifying the relationship you have with the bride and groom.

The heart of the speech  : this one lasts a little longer than the other parts. Talk about memories shared with the couple, anecdotes, events that happened in your childhood, etc. This is also the time when you can share your emotions while trying to combine emotion and humor. Talk about the qualities of the bride and groom, saying that they were made for each other, for example.

 The conclusion  : it is in this part that you wish them a lot of happiness and that their love will last until their death. Finally, you will raise your glass to the health of the couple and all the people present at this ceremony.

1. Prepare your speech well

Since you have been warned in advance, you will not have to give an extemporaneous speech. Do you have trouble speaking in public? You have to be prepared for all eyes to be on you. Thus, a good preparation would be essential with a well-structured and fluid speech.

You have the opportunity to learn your speech by heart. However, you can bring a cheat sheet with you in case you have a black hole.

Having a drink will also allow you to overcome your stage fright, but it is important not to empty the whole bottle otherwise your speech will be evasive.

2. How long should the speech be?

For you to have a well-prepared speech, rehearse it as many times as possible at home. You should not exceed 5 or 6 minutes. In this case, provide yourself with a stopwatch so as not to have a speech that is too short or the opposite. Ask the opinion of others so that you are reassured in the choice of your writing.

You can also accompany your speech with projections of images, photos, videos or even soundtracks. Don’t overdo it though, because instead of entertaining the guests, it will bore them.

3. Address your speech to the newlyweds

You must present a speech that is addressed to the couple. Avoid talking too much about each other. Beware of the “praise the other” trap.

For example, if you’re the bride’s best man, don’t just address the groom in a humorous style saying you never thought anyone could put up with her. You can make innuendos like this, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

You should not write a sermon towards each other even if you are very intimate with one of the bride and groom, because it can be hurtful, among other things, by asking to take good care of your best friend.

4. Personalize your speech

Don’t go online to find a speech while copy-pasting. Your text must be entirely original with your own words as well as details concerning the bride and groom.

If you have the ideas, but not the style, you can put them together and then give them to someone to write it for you. Thus, you will be fixed so that the couple feels touched.

Do not make platitudes or generalities. You must bear in mind that if you are chosen as a witness, it is because you are someone who means a lot to this person. You can talk about the intimate memories you shared together.

Also, avoid attaching private jokes with your text. Only a few people will understand what you want to insinuate, which is not very appreciable.

Launch into poetry or song for more originality. However, it requires a lot of work. In order not to make a fool of yourself, ask the opinion of your relatives in advance.

5. Don’t get too intimate

You may know the couple quite intimately, maybe one or even both. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to talk about their private life or their secret.

You should always be aware that two families will be present at this wedding with different generations as well as different cultures.

6. Know how to use humor well

It is necessary to embellish your speech with a little humor, but you must always put in mind the universality of the latter. Some will laugh, while others will be hurt.

7. Don’t talk about politics or money

Politics and money are taboos in France that must be avoided in any case. If you launch into these two remarks, there will always be people who will find a polemical side and will make a dry debate out of it.

sample wedding speech for witnesses

Here is a sample speech that might help you.

“I will first introduce myself. I’m Marc, one of the groom’s best friends. You’re probably wondering why I was chosen as a witness? Even I, too, do not know the answer to this question

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