How to choose a women’s wedding ring?

women's wedding ring

Marriage is the most important step in a couple’s life. It marks the beginning of the founding of a family. As you plan to formalize your engagement soon, think about all the essential details. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or a simplistic ceremony, wedding rings are a must.

What is a women’s wedding ring?

The wedding ring for women refers to the wedding ring of the bride. The husband must offer it to his wife after the exchange of vows, at the town hall or at the church.

The most classic models are precious metal rings. As a rule, the engagement ring decorated with sparkling stones is already offered during the engagement. On the other hand, according to the tastes of the bride, stylish wedding rings are at the rendezvous.

Most couples order  wedding  rings in platinum, gold or silver. This guarantees a lifetime durability of the jewel. The bride can wear her wedding ring for many years, regardless of her daily activities.

How to choose a wedding ring for women?

The wedding is an exceptional day. In order to immortalize this event, favor impeccable preparations. Regarding the women’s wedding ring ,  consider a few criteria to make the best choice.

The size of the ring is not to be neglected. Measure around the ring finger of the future bride’s hand. A finger size guide will be available when ordering online. If you need to join a physical store, the jeweler will try on a few rings to determine the ideal size for the wedding band. If you receive the rings a few days before the wedding, it is still possible to return them urgently to the jeweler in the event of a size defect.

Consider your personal comfort when buying a wedding ring. Avoid models that are too heavy or bulky for your finger. Discover the most famous forms of women’s wedding rings on the market.

The classic bangle ring offers a uniform structure inside and out. As for the Parisian model, the lower part can display thicker materials. Spend some time in front of your screen to take a look at the models available or on order. You can draw by hand the wedding jewel that inspires you.

This type of alliance has a rounded structure on the outside and flat on the inside. This makes it possible to engrave the couple’s first names or initials on the inside of the metal.

As its name suggests, the ribbon ring stands out with its ribbon shape. It neatly surrounds the ring finger to enhance your look. Its interior is flat and the exterior has a rounded shape. Typically, the bow has a diamond rhinestone line. As for the edges of the ring, they display a right angle. Knowing that the comfort ribbon alliance is one of the traditional wedding jewels.

Gold, a precious metal of great value, is a good choice for the creation of wedding bands. The yellow color is the most common. Moreover, it becomes possible to choose other interesting colors. Take a look at the photos of the models that appeal to you to observe the variation of colors. If you like silver jewelry, a ring in white or gray is not likely to disappoint you.

With or without diamond

The diamond is a precious stone of great value in all countries. If the bride-to-be’s engagement ring is already adorned with diamonds, a simple precious metal ring is sufficient. On the other hand, for more style and elegance for the young bride, you can add a diamond rhinestone on the middle of the height of the ring. Find out about the price of models with diamonds before making the right decision.

How much does it cost ?

The price of a women’s wedding ring mainly depends on its base material. Silver-based models have the most reasonable prices. It is possible to obtain a women’s ring from around ten euros. Which seems ideal for couples who want to organize a wedding at a low price.

For a wedding ring for women in gold, plan from 50 €. The price of the most expensive jewel can go up to 100 €. The more you want a very thick wedding ring decorated with set stones, the more your expense increases.

Determine the maximum amount earmarked for alliances to facilitate decision-making. Compare the prices of the models you are interested in online. Otherwise, create your wedding jewelry from a reputable jeweler. You’ll get a quote for every prototype that really inspires you. For a custom-made ring, it is strongly advised to place your order at least 2 weeks before D-Day.

Why choose ethical alliances for your wedding?

Ethical wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular in the market. They stand out for their respectful manufacture of people and the environment. They are thus among the eco-responsible jewelry. It’s up to you to spot the craftsmen-jewelers like  April Paris  who highlight this detail.

Ethical or classic wedding rings should have great sentimental value for the couple. Offer a women’s ring that somehow tells your love story. Think of memorable events or exchanges as a couple. Agree on the best choice to avoid regret. Moreover, you will now have to wear the wedding ring anytime and anywhere.

It is recommended that wedding rings be purchased from a single jeweler. In this way, both rings will be made from the same materials. In the end, both wedding rings will feature the same theme and finishes.

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