All The Latest Advanced F&O Techniques In India

F&O Techniques In India

One of the best ways to accumulate wealth over a long period is through trading options when correctly executed. If you are a beginner in the stock market or an investor and don’t want to get caught up in options or trading strategies, then you have come to the right place to learn about the latest F&O trading techniques.

For a detailed and better understanding, let’s learn what F&O trading is and the different techniques used.

What Is F&O Trading?

Financial derivatives such as futures and options allow traders to speculate on the fluctuations of the price of an underlying asset without actually owning it. In futures contracts, the buyer must buy a given asset at an indicated price and date.

It may be complex to add futures and options. Several factors, such as market volatility, interest rate changes, and currency fluctuations, can impact the value of these derivatives. Trade traders mightier substantial losses if the positions move against them.

So to prevent the risk involved in future Trading, you must follow some intelligent techniques. 

Latest Options Trading Strategies You Should Know

1. Bull Call Spread

A bull call spread strategy, which falls within the category of debt spreads, is an options trading strategy. Consider buying the call option in a lower bullish trade when you’re an optimist on stocks or ETFs but don’t want to take risks and buy shares outright.

2. Bear Call Spread

This method permits a trader to sell short-term call options with an underlying commodity and expiry date of the same type but a higher strike price while simultaneously buying long-term call options at different periods. A net profit is generated by receiving a higher option premium on the trade sold compared with the purchase price of the call.

3. Long Straddles And Short Straddles

The straddle is considered one of India’s best options trading strategies. One of the most accessible market-neutral trading strategies is probably a long straddle. Profit and loss are not affected by the market’s direction after implementation. Market movements can go either way, but the order in which they occur always remains unchanged.

4. Momentum Strategy

The essence of this intraday options and futures trading strategy is to take advantage of the momentum in the market. It means that the right stocks are monitored before a significant change in market trends occurs. Traders will be buying or selling securities as a result of this change. The choice of supplies is based on several factors, including the latest news, takeover rumours, quarterly financial statements, etc.

5. Bull Put Spread

If a trader believes the underlying asset price will increase slowly, he’ll use bull put spreads and options strategies. This option usually falls into the credit spread category. It is not the most typical options trading strategy.

6. Bear Put Spread

Whenever traders and investors predict that the price of some security or asset will drop, they use bear put spreads. A bear set spread occurs if you buy put options on a similar investment and sell the same number of puts that expire next to each other but at significantly lower target prices.

7. Breakout Strategy 

The timing is one of the most critical factors regarding securities purchases and sales on that single day. This intraday trading strategy aims to find stocks moving from the area where they are typically traded.

To learn and implement all these sophisticated strategies you should go with a good brokerage house that offers superior facilities for F&O trading. Kotak Securities Limited is one such established and trusted instrument for F&O transactions in India. Kotak is an excellent choice for all traders due to its broad range of products, innovative trading platform, expert knowledge in futures and option dealing, robust research and analysis, strong price competitiveness, and good reputation. Kotak Securities also provides the Best stock investment apps is Kotak for F&O trading.  


In this blog, we’ve discussed the main strategies for option and futures trading. Traders can apply several fundamental strategies with limited risk instead of the much more substantial risk that typically applies to options. Nevertheless, to decide whether possible gains justify this, it is essential to understand the risk associated with any investment.

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